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Sharon Sapsed is very upset about the rumour written about her. Although she does not know it was me, I would like apologize as although i thought it would be funny it obviously wasn't. So sorry Sharon it was only a joke and it wasn't written to affend you, Good luck in your job..I'm sure you will really make something of yourself!!! And to all my friends from Sefton High I hope your time has been well and i will catch up with you guys real soon! (Julie Greentree)

Ian Pratt has bought a car- a mid 80's commodore station wagon, with the name of Snuphmobile (yes, there is a sticker on the back that says this). No, he doesn't yet have his licence, although you would think he is a great driver by now- he's on his third set of L's.

Mark Dawson (the only person I know who is skinnier than me) has got a girlfriend! His current record for blowing her up is 41 seconds...

Jason Cowley is currently going out with a lass from Newcastle. This is after he ceased relationship-type activities with another girl from Sydney. Upon asking if the new girl's name was Gladise or Daisy, the reply given was something like "f*@# you!". Unfortunately this was in the playground at lunchtime at Yagoona Primary school.

Scott is currently hanging around, and drooling over, Matthew Roper's girlfriend! This is seen as unusual for Scott (she doesn't baa). The Italian Stallion lives on!!!

Sharon Sapsed has actually got a job!!!!

Jason Kara provided much entertainment and is regretting the day he decided it was nessessary to practice for his up comming voyage into the world of oz-tag. His efforts to scare the wits out of a little girl (he nearly ran into her whilst attempting to score a try - hey, let's face it, if you had Jason bearing down on you, and you thought he wasn't going to stop in time, you'd be scared too!), and his attempt to help David Quach lose weight (he nearly fell on him while trying to stop a try) were highly commendable. However, perhaps the funniest thing of the entire match was the way that Scott Kirkwood's sister's eyes lit up every time she had the ball and was running straight at Jason. This may be because she thinks he is rather sexy (hmmmm, doubtful), but is more likely due to the fact that Jason was totally bamboozelled by the step, and pace of this 16 year old girl who didn't even know the difference between a soccer ball, and a football. The young lass was nice about it though and didn't point out that she had never steped anyone before, let alone scored a length of the field try.

Anthony Le isn't the ony person coming out of the closet. Chi in a very interesting conversation admitted to "Wearing high heeled shoes". Whether this was due to the fact that Chi was feeling "inadequate and short" or him wanting to "expose his feminine side" is still to be solved.

Quote of the day from Lu Luc: "Cafe, extend yourself"

When Boris Nazarov was informed during a game of pool that he and Linda Kim may have to perform the "Dak Run" (an act which involves dropping one's pants and running around the table if one loses the game without sinking a single ball) Boris repied "I don't care, I've got a cute arse anyway". Anyone else agree?

The following is part of a letter written by Scott:

> Gee Scott, didn't think you had much in common with Quang

that is because you have not seen us both naked

It seems that Scott Kirkwood is attempting to become the world's greatest stunt man (or greatest lunatic). During a recent night out with such famous personages as The Buckmeister and The Big W, Scott demonstrated his inestimable driving skills and carefree attitude towards life, performing such death-defying acts as overtaking Volvo drivers on the wrong side of the road, speeding up dead-end streets at ninety kph and nearly crashing into the trees that lay at the end of it, and overtaking trucks only to pull in front of them and slam on his brakes to make turns. These acts, coupled with his blatant disregard for the deployment of concrete median stips (he hit one when turning a corner) and his ingenious use of the petrol cap (he uses it to hold his 'P' plate on the dashboard) suggest that Scott may have modelled his driving career upon that of another illustrious Seftonite daredevil, Daniel Cafe. However, upon closer inspection, after one notices the similarities between Scott's driving skills and Daniel's, and one also notices the similarities in their looks (i.e. the untamed long hair that flows from each of their craniums), one might be forced to admit the possiblity of there being a closer relationship between the two. Maybe Scott's last name should be.........Cafe.

I think that the reason the Rumours page gets the most hits is because everyone keeps going there to check if any damn rumours have been added in the last month!!!! :P hehehehehe dare ya to put this rumour up... :)

Is there any truth to the rather sticky rumour that Michael Nelson seems to be on quite good terms with not one but two lovely ladies at his University? If so, is there any truth to the rumour that one of them is twenty years old? Sources indicate that this may well be the case, particularly in light of the fact that recently when Michael was spotted with both ladies he asked that he not be disturbed, and slinked away. One wonders if Michael knows the meaning of the French term 'menage-au-trois'.....

Poor David Quach. Just recently he was buying some chicken chips when he happened to notice that an extraordinarily pretty young lass was standing beside him. Turning his mind to other matters, he thought of a joke he had heard the other day, and smiled as he remembered the punch line. At that exact moment, the young vixen turned in his direction, saw him smiling, and smiled back. Now, David was quite surprised at this turn of events, so he was unsure of what he should do. Ever the enterprising lad, David decided he had better say something to the girl (who was also ordering chicken chips) lest she think him shy. So David said the first thing that popped into his head, and herein lies one of the greatest pick-up lines of all time. Said David: "Would you mind if I put some chicken salt on your chicken chips?" Needless to say, the girl burst out laughing, and soon David was too. However, inwardly seething at his own stupidity, David realised that he had made it to first base, even gone a little bit past it, but then had tripped over his own feet and landed face first in the dust. The girl then said "I'd better go." and promptly left. Bad luck David. Our hearts, and the raucous sounds of our uncontrollable laughter, go out to you.

Daniel Cafe's new nickname is Rapunzel because of his long blonde hair!!! (If this doesn't make it onto the Rumours Page I'll be lodging an official complaint...)

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