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This page is dedicated to bringing the latest news of great Sefton events. If you are planning an "event" mail me with the details so that they can be posted here. You can also mail me any corrections or changes in plans so that we won't have any (much) confusion.

Here are the latest Sefton events!

Informal Reunion - CHANGE OF VENUE!

The details are as follows:

    DATE: Saturday 6th December 1997
    TIME: 6:00pm (please be prompt so we can get the function room)
    VENUE: Parramatta Lone Star Restaurant
    COST: $12 to $22 for a main meal
    DRESS: casual, unless people have plans afterwards

Guests are welcome and the offer is still open if anyone wants to invite teachers. Please feel free to contact the following people if you have any queries:

    LEANNE TRINDER: 9645-2954
    RANDA MOLLOUK: 9644-8050

You should all be getting an invitation in the post soon for all those people who wrote their addresses in the reunion book on the formal night. In the event that some people have moved or did not write their contact addresses/phone numbers in that book could you please pass the news around.

In particular could you please pass these details onto the following people (Leanne has passed me these invitations because she did not have a postal address. In no particular order:

My-Linh Dang, Esther Choe, Seang Soumpholphakdy, Deborah Yun, Vi Tuong, Maria Heng, Kingsley Cheung, Mohomed Nebhna, Ali Khalife, Inhenh Wang, Steve Pham, John Phung, Seng Le, Daniel Vincent

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Last Updated: 25th November 1997.